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What is FIT?

Focus on IT (FIT) is a certificate program designed for Canadian students who want to learn real-world skills during secondary school.

The program was created by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). It is an innovative program that allows students like YOU to gain essential information and communications technology (ICT) and business skills while working towards your secondary school diploma.

FIT was developed by top education and industry professionals. It merges useful real-world skills into your curriculum, and provides you with an easy pathway of courses to take.

And when you graduate, you will have gained knowledge and skills that are in-demand and can help you get your start.

Why Become a FIT Student?

Every professional can benefit from gaining ICT and digital skills—just think of how writers publish their work online or how health professionals use software to track their patients.

All kinds of careers are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Learning digital skills now will increase your pathways to a successful career.

FIT’s unique course pathways let you explore the many sides of ICT.

Did you know you could…

  • Specialize in 1 or more concentrations?
  • Gain work experience with co-ops?
  • Qualify to write industry-certified exams?
  • Gain advanced standing in select universities and colleges?
With FIT, you jumpstart your education and your career!

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How do I get FIT?

First off, you have to be enrolled in an official FIT school.

Chat with your school’s academic advisor and find out if your school offers the FIT program. If your school doesn't, ask them about options for starting the FIT program at your school, or what other ICT opportunities are available in your area.

If your school does offer FIT, all you have to do is enroll in one of the FIT-approved courses and you are automatically registered as a FIT student.

Each of our FIT schools has a Lead FIT Educator that can help advise you on the program. We recommended you talk with either an academic adviser or the Lead FIT Educator before starting the program. They can also confirm your registration in the program.

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Girls in ICT

The time when some things were for boys and some things were for girls is over. Learning ICT skills is just a matter of learning how to make the steps towards a solution. And that is empowering to everyone.

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Get Certified

Want to be a step ahead of the crowd? Get certified in an industry-recognized technical certification. It may give you an advantage when applying to college or university, or looking for a job.

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