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About FIT

The FIT program is a part of ICTC’s youth and education initiative that focuses on providing tools to explore career possibilities in Canada’s digital economy, including in information and communications technology (ICT).

FIT is designed to help Canadian secondary students recognize the importance of ICT, while developing their skills in business, communications, and technology.

FIT is carefully aligned to provincial curriculum, allowing students to meet the requirements of their provincial secondary school diploma, while pursuing FIT certifications.

FIT further challenges students by encouraging them to prepare for industry-recognized credentials such as CompTIA A+, Java, Cisco IT Essentials, Adobe, Microsoft and Linux certifications.

How FIT Works

The FIT program is designed to seamlessly integrate practical career training with current Canadian-wide curricula.

The FIT curriculum is a pathway of courses and is based on a standards system that allows for full flexibility within schools. This means that different schools, which offer students different courses, can teach the FIT program.

All a school has to do is cover the FIT standards for the given certification or concentration. It also means that your teen does not need to take classes outside of their FIT school.

Think of it like university or college; a student needs to take a set of prescribed courses (or pathways) that will permit them to graduate with specific degree or diploma.


Why is ICT important?

Information and communications technologies (ICT) are widely being adopted across every industry in Canada. From healthcare to energy, from manufacturing to agriculture, our need for a highly skilled ICT and digital workforce is increasing, and our education system is critical to filling this need.

The FIT program is developed in response to this demand and focuses students’ learning on skills that are considered valuable within the 21st century workplace – ICT and digital skills.

To learn more about ICT and the Canadian labour market, visit ICTC’s e-Talent Canada website for the latest labour market intelligence and news regarding jobs in the ICT industry.

What We Offer

FIT offers students an opportunity to be a part of a greater 21st century learning environment—a school environment that facilitates learning through educational technologies.

Students are taught to apply these technologies to analyze information and data structures, collaborate with classmates, make informed decisions, gain awareness and flexibility in new situations, all while developing their creativity and innovation.

The overarching goal is to improve the learning outcomes (knowledge and skills) gained by students.

FIT offers a prescribed pathway of courses that are based on 21st century learning principles. Your teen will not only gain essential skills in business, technology, and communications, but they will do so within a 21st learning environment.


Bridging Opportunities

In conjunction with post-secondary academic partners, FIT may also offer students unique bridging opportunities, hosted at post-secondary institutions. These opportunities, which can be in the form of a workshop or field trip, act as an opportunity for both students and educators to participate in a variety of activities that highlight ICT learning and career awareness.

Students are exposed to hands-on learning, group lessons, and ICT related talks that increase awareness of post-secondary programs and allow for reflection upon their current academic goals.

Co-ops or Internships for students

The FIT program encourages students to participate in extra-curricular actives like co-ops, internships or work placements.

ICTC encourages all of its partners, industry affiliates, educators and friends to forward on information regarding internships and co-ops that our FIT students may be interested in.

If your workplace has an ICT or digital internship, co-op or work-placement program, please contact us at [email protected].

Become a FIT Advocate

Help spread the word about the FIT program by forwarding on FIT handouts to potential FIT students and parents.

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