Focus on IT

Focus on IT

Focus on IT (FIT)

The Value of FIT

  • The Focus on IT (FIT) program is designed to help secondary school students understand the importance of building digital and ICT skills for business, education, community and our daily lives. FIT also encourages students to continue on to post-secondary opportunities to continue their digital learning. Regardless of what education program one chooses, integrating digital and ICT skills is critical to opening doors into their future careers.

  • FIT is a Canada-wide program aligned to individual provincial education outcomes and expectations. It allows students to focus on learning about ICT and business and still meet the requirements of their Provincial Secondary School Diploma.

  • FIT supports students by helping them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make ICT and digital occupations a real career choice. The FIT program learning outcomes are validated by Canadian business, industry and educators.

FIT Concentrations

FIT offers students 4 unique areas of concentration: Software Design and Development, Interactive Media, Network and Systems Operations, and Business and Information Analysis.

These diverse concentrations give students flexibility with course selection and an opportunity to study what really interests them.

Each concentration has a distinct pathway of provincial courses that complement the competencies and standards associated with specialization.

Please note that each concentration is different and may require students to complete a different number of competencies in order to meet FIT requirements.

Software Design and Development Students use their technical competencies to develop applications and systems to solve real-world problems. This includes solution design, integration, programming and database development.
Interactive Media Students blend business, technology and leadership skills to address exciting opportunities in the workplace. This includes web design and development, social and mobile media, interactive games and e-commerce.
Network and Systems Operations Students use their skills to implement and maintain mission-critical hardware and software. This includes technical and communications platform maintenance critical to the smooth operations of an organization.
Business and Information Analysis Students use their technical and business skills to analyze and respond to business needs and recommend affordable ICT solutions. This includes business and information analysis or systems architecture.

FIT Certificates

FIT offers students 5 unique certificates they can work towards during secondary school. We encourage students to pursue multiple FIT certificates that will build their skills for post-secondary and job applications.

FIT Certificate This is the standard certificate awarded to students who meet the general FIT requirements and have passed the courses in their chosen concentration. (Please note: each pathway is unique to each province and educational institution.)
FIT Certificate - Work Experience Seal This FIT certificate indicates a student has achieved the standard FIT Certificate and has also completed a work experience or co-operative education course. 
FIT Certificate – Industry seal This FIT certificate indicates a student has achieved the standard FIT Certificate and has also achieved an industry certification, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, Linux, CompTIA certifications.
FIT Certificate with Industry & Experience The standard FIT Certificate (as described above) with both Industry and Work Experience seals.
FIT Certificate – Plus+ To achieve the esteemed FIT Certificate – Plus+, students must complete the standard FIT Certificate, provincial work experience/co-op hours, and have passed two or more industry certifications.
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