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About MyFIT

The Middle Years Focus on IT (MyFIT) program is designed to enhance digital literacy and digital skills amongst youth (grades 6-9).

The program is part of ICTC’s youth and education initiative that focuses on providing tools to explore career possibilities in Canada’s digital economy, including information and communications technology (ICT).

MyFIT offers middle school students unique learning experiences that help develop their leadership, interpersonal, technical and even business skills. The program is carefully aligned to provincial curriculum and is developed on 3 suggested building blocks: MyFIT Aptitude, Technology Skills, and Business Application.

How MyFIT Works

The MyFIT program is designed to seamlessly integrate current provincial curricula.

MyFIT is a pathway of competencies and learning outcomes based on a standards system that allows for full flexibility within schools. This means that different schools, which offer students different courses, can all teach the MyFIT program.

All a school has to do is cover the MyFIT competencies, which include adaptability, analytical thinking, problem solving, writing skills, tech skills and information management.

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Why is ICT important?

It’s never too soon to start exploring interests and considering possible career paths.

Information and communications technologies (ICT) are widely being adopted across every industry in Canada. From healthcare to energy, from manufacturing to agriculture, our need for a highly skilled ICT and digital workforce is increasing, and our education system is critical to filling this need.

The MyFIT program was developed in response to this growing demand and encourages students to learn skills that are considered valuable within the 21st century workplace – ICT and digital skills.

What We Offer

MyFIT offers middle school students an opportunity to be a part of a greater 21st century learning environment—a school environment that facilitates learning through educational technologies.

Students are taught to apply these technologies to analyze information and data structures, collaborate with classmates, make informed decisions, gain awareness and flexibility in new situations, all while developing their creativity and innovation.

The overarching goal is to improve the learning outcomes (knowledge and skills) gained by students.

MyFIT easily aligns to individual provincial education outcomes and expectations and is based on 21st century learning principles. Your child will not only gain essential skills in communications, technology and business, but they will do so within a 21st learning environment.

MyFIT organizes its building block (or concentrations) around the ISTE standards, which are designed to empower students and ensure that learning is a student-driven process.

MYFIT is also inclusive of people living in rural and remote areas, including people of First Nation, Inuit and Metis (FNIM) ancestry. Specific outcomes have been developed to ensure the inclusion of FNIM ways of knowing.

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Role of Parents

There is ample research to suggest that young adults are more likely to succeed if their families play an active role in their education.

MyFIT encourages parents to engage with their children and learn about their interests, current education and potential career aspirations.

Become a MyFIT Advocate

Help spread the word about the MyFIT program by forwarding on MyFIT handouts to potential MyFIT students and parents.

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