Computers for schools

On the fence about registering a CyberTitan team? Unsure if your school/organization meets the technology requirements? See below for two programs that could help.

Computers for Schools (CFS) is a program that collects used computer equipment and digital devices and refurbishes them to donate back to school, libraries, not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities across Canada. The only fee is the shipping cost. These refurbished desktop computers can easily run the CyberTitan competition for the school year. CFS is an Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada lead program that works with provincial and territorial governments, not for profits and other organizations. The program has helped extend the life of computer equipment. Schools and interested groups who qualify only need to pay for shipping for the equipment. CFS has representatives across Canada; follow this link for more information.

Renewed Computer Technology (RCT) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, that refurbishes off-lease business computers and gives the companies that do it a charitable donation tax benefit in return. They then sell the computers as cheaply as they can (just to support the charities) to schools. The charity focuses on social and environmental reasonability. They have renewed over 400,000 computers. You can find more information about this program here.

Schools in need could potentially get free desktop computers (just have to pay shipping) from CFS and low-cost desktop or laptops (around $300 that included a Windows 10 license) from RCT. These initiatives could give your students a chance to flex their cybersecurity muscles in this year’s CyberTitan competition season! These organizations offer hardware could handle the images throughout the competition season.

Reminder that CyberTitan 2020 registration closes next Wednesday, October 2nd!

CyberTitan Registration:

For the 2019-20 competition season, we ask that all Canadian teams and teams interested in participating in CyberTitan, please register directly with CyberPatriot to create a team to compete. Once you register through CyberPatriot, you will automatically also be part of CyberTitan and may receive notifications or mail from ICTC as part of CyberTitan.

Team Registration: You must register a team to get access to the rounds below:

  • Official Practice Round: Final practice round before the scored rounds begin – October 3 – 15th
  • Scored/Live Rounds: Competitions take place on specified weekends throughout the school year. Scored rounds are held one weekend a month: Round 1 – Oct 25-27, Round 2 – November 15-17, State Round December 6-8, Semifinals January 24-25. Teams choose any six-hour period during the competition weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) to complete all their work.

Register as a Team Coach

If you are new to CyberTitan and CyberPatriot, you will first need to create a volunteer account through CyberPatriot. Returning coaches, technical mentors, and team assistants can use their existing accounts from previous seasons.

Coaches are responsible for:

  1. Signing up their teams for each new competition season (can register up to 5 teams per coach)
    • Teams for CyberPatriot XII (2019-2020) must be created by October 2, 2019
  2. Assigning competitors to team rosters
    • Competitors must be added to a roster no later than October 31, 2019
  3. Paying registration fees or requesting fee waivers
    • Payment must be made by November 15, 2019 (we accept payment by purchase order, check, credit card)
    • $205 for Open Division high school teams
    • $165 for Middle School division teams
    • Teams created before July 1 receive a 20% discount (discounted rate is locked-in. Payment not due by July 1​)
    • Fees waived upon request for Title I School (must provide proof of status – e.g. signed letter from school administrator)
    • Fees waived upon request for all-girl teams (must have competitors added to roster)
    • Fees automatically waived for JROTC, Civil Air Patrol, and Naval Sea Cadet Corps teams