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Get involved as an educator in the FIT and MyFIT community and maximize your impact on youth both in and outside the programs.

Our community recognizes the importance of ICT in education and brings together like-minded individuals who are making a difference in education (#edutech) across Canada.

We are continuously seeking new and innovative ways to engage with educators like you. If you have any suggestions, ideas or just want to say hi, send us an email!

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Discover how Canadian educators are making a difference in ICT and digital education!

If you would like to recommend a hard-working FIT or MyFIT educator, visit the Featured Educators page.

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Success Stories

Real life success stories can make a difference by inspiring the next generation of participants in the FIT or MyFIT program. Share your ICT education experiences with the DigitalYouth community. We’d love to hear about your successes and those of your students.

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Even beyond the set of particular ICT skills students may develop, FIT and MyFIT help broaden how students view technology and the role it plays in almost everything they do, and ultimately in their thinking about the future.

Help spread the word and share the FIT and MyFIT program with like-minded educators and future students.

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