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The Goal of FIT

The Focus on IT (FIT) program encourages youth to learn information and communications technology (ICT) skills at the secondary school level.

The aim is to encourage young Canadians to pursue post-secondary education and enter the workforce equipped with high-demand digital and ICT skills that will help them achieve their career goals.

The disconnect between the current Canadian labour market and education is concerning as students are filtered into irrelevant and expensive educational pathways. With FIT, the goal is to encourage young people to pursue realistic and employable careers.

ICTC implements the FIT program in collaboration with provincial and territorial Ministries of Education, school boards, and individual schools.

The FIT program is designed to be delivered in a complete and uniform way, in as many schools as possible across Canada. As each province and territory is unique in funding, infrastructure and educational guidelines, the implementation of the FIT program may vary.

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Become a FIT School

The FIT program is designed to meet the specific needs of your school. Regional Education Coordinators are available to help with the on-boarding process. Implementation may vary according to your provincial curriculum and the FIT concentrations your school offers.

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Introduction Materials

Discover more about the FIT program on our Introduction Materials page, where we have links to promotional brochures, information booklets, and program presentations.

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Student Work Placements

Give your students the opportunity to build real industry experience through co-ops and work placements. We have compiled resources and information for educators who are interested in providing co-op or work placement experiences for their students.

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